Lollipop Fundraisers Make Selling Fun!

This exciting fundraiser provides participants with an opportunity to showcase their gaming skills while raising money for a cause they care about. Plus, everyone will be vying for first place (even if the only prize is bragging rights). Make sure to schedule your car wash fundraiser strategically.
You can take donations at the door or ask people to donate to your online fundraiser. Fundraising platforms like AngeLink make it easy by providing QR codes for quick donating. Cold weather and snow storms can’t stop your school fundraisers! Check out these ideas for winter fundraising events that are easy and inclusive.
Help students make lasting memories while delighting your community with a fall carnival. To encourage support, let attendees know that a portion of the proceeds from their tickets and gaming fees will go towards the school’s fundraiser. When looking for vendors for your carnival, attempt to get items or services donated by local businesses.
To make this event more enjoyable and exciting for the kids, you can add extras like a cookie dough fundraising event. Users of the Box Tops app no longer need to clip tabs; instead, they need to scan receipts that contain participating goods. This makes the fundraiser more practical for parents and the schools they support. Although that proportion might not seem like much, it’s a terrific way to supplement other fundraising efforts and bring in extra cash for your school. Encourage faculty, staff, and students to donate their gently used items for sale. Promotion is the key to a successful sale event, so do it aggressively.
Sustainable living and gardening are hobbies for individuals who have a knack for gardening with a green thumb. Partner with flower stores, greenhouses, and local farmers to support your cause; all sales proceeds can go towards your cause. This initiative is great for activists, eco-friendly and sustainable businesses that want to do better for the community and planet. If there’s an active local garden club, have members donate their seedlings that can be up for grabs for the participants. Your team needs to buy 20 to 30 plastic flamingos and paint them school colors. Then, set up a signup sheet that people can fill out anonymously.
Many people in the community are interested in supporting these young artists by purchasing their creations. Host a gallery exhibition in the school gym and auction each item. Have a concession stand and sell drinks and snacks to boost funds. Box Tops for Education is a fun, easy way to raise money for your school.
A Box Tops campaign is an easy, convenient way to supplement your school’s budget with virtually no planning or work required beyond the initial enrollment stage. Donors pledge a certain amount per distance walked by participants. Walk-a-thons also promise the same physical benefits and fun for participants, as well as similar considerations such as picking an appropriate location and planning for safety.
Think about days that you socialized with your friends in high school and try to replicate that in an auction item with the help of your community. Baskets are appealing auction items that are fairly easy to procure and assemble. They’re also perfect smaller-ticket sellers for schools that wish to provide a wide range of items to accommodate various income levels. Try to think of items that parents will want or that their kids will want. Offering special perks is a reliable way to generate interest and bids.
The overall service that we received from Big Fundraising Ideas was very good. Philanthropy is a pillar of Greek life, so check out these fun approaches to your next sorority or fraternity event on campus. Bring college students together with tie-dye, a trend that never goes out of style. Throw a school dance at halloween and deck the school hallways with spooky decorations. Turn it up a notch by sectioning off part of the school and turning it into a haunted house.
The Money Savings Cards do require an upfront cost; if you pay over the phone the cards will be sent out to you that day or the next. In this fun fundraiser, the school principal volunteers to be duct taped to the wall. So, imagine school fundraiser companies having the opportunity to pay money to duct tape their principal! Can you see the long line of students eagerly waiting to duck tape the principal to the wall?