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I really don’t care to read the opinion of an unnamed newspaper employee who has no real world experience concerning the subjects they are discussing or making recommendations on. However, I do believe selective presentation of news is common in all the progressive leaning mainstream media. Selective choice, placement, headlines, subtlety biased comments in news articles, clearly biased selection of opinion articles and letters to editors, etc. are dismissive and scornful of those of us that are constitutional conservatives. In my opinion the leaders and decision makers of this paper are in that camp, which your self-satisfied editorial amply verifies. The simplest solution to this problem is to open your paper up to other news sources. They exist, and they can deliver news in as timely a fashion as The Washington Post and the New York times, complete with cites to original video and underlying documents.
VOA presents a comprehensive account of America and the world, and always puts events in context. That means constant vigilance to reflect America’s and the world’s political, geographical, cultural, ethnic, religious and social diversity. VOA’s reporting represents the best effort to seek out and present a comprehensive account of the event or trend being covered. VOA staff will evaluate information on its merits, and will not support violence, sensationalism, personal value judgment, or misleading emphases in its reporting. A related problem is the absence of any national strategy for tackling child poverty.
A request for confidentiality should come from the source and not be suggested by the correspondent or producer. However, your editor has a right to know the name of the source if asked. “Non-disclosure agreements can be used to prevent victims or whistleblowers from seeking help, asking for change, or supporting others who might have similar experiences,” said the Canadian Bar Association in a statement.
Believing that the paper would be a means of wealth, Bourne instead soon found himself facing debts of nearly £1,600. Though early editions purported editorial independence, Bourne attempted to cut his losses and sell the title to the government. When this failed, Bourne’s brother made an offer to the government, which also refused to buy the paper but agreed to subsidise it in return for influence over its editorial content. As a result, the paper soon took a strong line against radicals such as Thomas Paine, Francis Burdett and Joseph Priestley.
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